Jun 27, 2019

We’re Expanding Our Investment Team!


Qualcomm Ventures, the investment arm of Qualcomm Incorporated, was founded almost two decades ago to invest in exceptional teams that are creating companies which are not only going to be financially very successful, but also have the potential to evolve into business partners or customers for Qualcomm. Today, we are one of the largest and most successful corporate venture funds and have over one hundred and fifty active portfolio companies spread across US, China, Brazil, Europe, Israel, India and Korea.

Every year, we add about twenty new investments to the portfolio, and try to combine our team’s collective experience and effort with the significant technical resources and market reach of Qualcomm, for the benefit of our portfolio companies. We are stage-agnostic and our interests span across 5G, AI, automotive, IoT, networking and security. That said, all our companies share a common trait, — each one of them has the potential to be a transformative player in an existing industry or to even create a new one. Scores of them have already generated exceptional financial outcomes, with the most recent cohort of exits including names such as Zoom, Xiaomi, Ring, Cruise, 99 and Mobike.

As we approach our twentieth anniversary, we want to further expand our US team and add a Senior Associate. This is a “partner-track” position. That is, a successful tenure is likely to lead to an Investment Manager position in 2–3 years, which will provide the ability to independently lead deals. The position will be based in the Bay Area, preferably in San Francisco, but will include travel to wherever the most exciting startups are located, as well as attendance at events, and more.

Core Responsibilities:

  • You will be working closely with the entire US investment team and will be mentored specifically by me (I started my career at Qualcomm Ventures as an associate, six years ago, so I know what the role entails and want to help you succeed). You will participate in every key step of the investment process, including market research, company diligence and transaction completion. You will also play an active role in our efforts to identify companies we should proactively pursue.
  • Post-investment, you will contribute in activities to support the companies we’ve backed. This includes making customer introductions, coming up with data-driven strategic insights and finding synergies with other portfolio companies and potential business groups within Qualcomm.
  • Consider the above as the floor and not the ceiling. You will always have the freedom to experiment with new ideas and increase your scope of work as long as you continue to deliver on your core responsibilities.

The right person for this job will be:

  • Analytical and open-minded: Successful investors at Qualcomm Ventures have high intellectual horsepower, can synthesize complex data into simple insights, tend to read people as well as they read balance sheets and don’t hesitate to question conventional wisdom.
  • Hungry and well-prepared: You must be very eager to succeed, but also be likable and easy to work with. You need not have formal technical/finance training, but must demonstrate technical and financial acumen. Formal work experience at a startup isn’t required, but this job shouldn’t be the first time you walk into a startup’s offices.
  • Humble and helpful: This is a relationships and reputation driven business, and all of us at Qualcomm Ventures go to great lengths to protect and augment ours. The same will be expected of someone in this position, and a strong candidate would have some compelling references from founders and other talented individuals she/he has helped in the past.

Think this describes you? Please complete the application found here.

We look forward to meeting you.

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