Tushar Gupta

Senior Director



Tushar is a Senior Director at Qualcomm Ventures. His current investment areas are Artificial Intelligence and HardTech. He led the investments for Insyte, Frore, Humane, Weights & Biases, and WellSaid Labs. Given his strong relationships with the Business Units, Tushar is also responsible for value-add initiatives from the startup ecosystem to Qualcomm Business Units.

He has over 11 years of experience working as a Product Manager and Engineer at Qualcomm. More recently, Tushar was responsible for Business Development and Product Management of Connected Cameras within the IoT Business Unit, working with Global IP camera and Sports camera companies. Also, he built a strong 3rd party ecosystem portfolio of AI technology providers for Deep Learning based object detection/classification and voice recognition solutions. He has a strong background in camera, vision and building software SDKs. Tushar holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from San Diego State University and B.Tech in Computer Science.

Outside the Office

Tushar lives in the bay area with his wife, Neha and daughter, Navya. He loves playing racquetball, ping pong and is an avid traveler.