Nancy Lu

Senior Project Manager



Nancy is a Senior Project Manager at Qualcomm Ventures in China. She is responsible for all marketing activities, exhibitions and social media promotions of Qualcomm Ventures in China including the marketing and execution of the startup competitions that the company has held in China for many years. She is committed to expanding the influence and visibility of Qualcomm Ventures in the industry through these activities. At the same time, she also provides help and support to portfolio companies from online roadshows, PR and important market activities and industry exhibitions. In addition to marketing communications, Nancy is also responsible for the listing and exit management of portfolio companies in China and the daily operation of the China Team. Before joining Qualcomm Ventures, Nancy worked at Qualcomm China in marketing for 8 years, engaged in tradeshows, integrated marketing campaigns and customer training programs. Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the Beijing Institute of Technology.

Outside the Office

Nancy enjoys traveling, skiing, painting, cooking and spending quality time with her family.