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The Future is in 5G

The 5G Ecosystem Fund builds on Qualcomm’s cutting-edge 5G research and its heritage of inventing breakthrough technologies. This uniquely positions Qualcomm Ventures to add value to startups through our deep understanding of the technologies that are essential for 5G, a strong global network of operators, OEM’s and other ecosystem relationships in every major 5G market that startups can leverage to scale their businesses, and access to Qualcomm technical leaders who can provide guidance on Qualcomm solutions and the future of the 5G.

5G Ecosystem Fund Focus Areas

The fund will focus primarily on three investment areas:

Use Cases

5G Use Cases

Applications and services that uniquely leverage some of the 5G specific characteristics, typically high data throughput (10x to 20x faster than traditional 4G Networks) and/or very low latency (typically below 10 ms).

Network Transformation

Network Transformation

Solutions that enable smart networks – fully software-defined, hyper-automated and completely virtualized will become foundational in order to accommodate the extremely fast, secure and almost instantaneous connections enabled by 5G.

Industrial IoT

End-to-End Connectivity

End-to-end solutions that enable Enterprise Private Networks, allowing companies of different sizes to have improved control over their operations. The high level of bandwidth and low latency offered by 5G is ideal for several use cases and is a driving factor for the industrial IoT and industry 4.0 initiatives.

Fueling innovations to unlock the full potential of 5G

To help accelerate 5G innovation beyond the smartphone and drive 5G adoption, our first-of-its kind global 5G Fund will invest up to $200M in startups helping build the 5G ecosystem.

5G Portfolio