Enrico Ros

Director, Product Management




Enrico is a Director of Product Management at Qualcomm Ventures. He is responsible for connecting startups with various Qualcomm technical and product teams.

Enrico has a deep-rooted foundation in software development and research, with over two decades of experience in a variety of domains including artificial intelligence, self-driving, robotics and mobile platforms. Before joining Qualcomm Ventures, Enrico was a Product Manager for Qualcomm’s Artificial Intelligence development business. In that role, he was most recently responsible for the AI software stack and strategy for Qualcomm’s Mobile business unit, followed by Qualcomm’s Cloud business. Before Qualcomm, he was the co-founder of a technology incubation startup.

Enrico grew up in Italy and holds a BS in electronics engineering from the University of Padova and an MBA from the University of California, San Diego.

Outside the Office

Outside of the office, he enjoys snowboarding, loves racing drones, listening to science and philosophy podcasts, experimenting with new software and technologies, and making his yearly pilgrimage to the Nevada desert. His motto is: Fai ciò che ami e il successo seguirà.